About Honliv

Information construction
Henan Honliv Group’s Network backbone with fiber as the medium, uses the network topology structure of star-shaped three-tier. It is through the branches of the convergence device node core Gigabit Gigabit switching S8505 with the school connected to high-performance three-tier aggregation layer switch, then into the network management layer to the second floor switch. It is through the network management software to manage Quidview the network devices, Cams to carry out user security authentication and billing, complete audit controls on the export flows with Xlog. That lays a solid foundation for running a variety of enterprise software, gives users a high-speed access, and the whole structure is a flexible, redundant and scalability strong system architecture.
High quality network line:
The entire network from Henan Hongli School as the core, the trunk lines all used single-mode fiber and multimode fiber connections, the backbone of the building for multi-mode fiber and six types of twisted pair cables, building wiring is all of the super-twisted-pair Category 5, in the guarantee smooth lines but also to ensure the circuit redundancy, and to facilitate future network upgrade.
High-performance networking equipment:
It forms a three-tier network architecture with Huawei S8500 series with the exchange of the core, S56500 Series, S3900 and S5516 series switches as the convergence layer to S3100 series and S2000 series switches for the access layer, All devices are now Huawei's equipment and easy to unified management.
Highly reliable management software
We are easy to manage our network devices with a professional network management software Quidview, You can see the operational status of equipment and detailed information graphically and clearly; We use CAMS secure authentication and billing software, combining with Huawei 802.1X switch function and CAMS client, to achieve user authentication access control, billing, and give different strategies of allocation according to the different needs of different users; With Xlog log audit the network , we provide Internet access to conduct audit of our users, traffic anomaly monitoring and network deployment optimization, data base and decision-making basis for the entire network optimization .

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